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About Us

We're a high standard construction company

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About us

Who we are

Sunrise Construction Limited was formed in 2003 by partners Mr. Gladstone Headlam and Mr. Bernard Kunst.

Both men are experienced contractors having worked in the industry for over 30 years individually before the inception of Sunrise Construction Limited.

In 2006, a sister company to Sunrise Construction was created in that of Starlight Construction Limited which currently specializes in DuRock EIFS installation.

What we do

Today, these two companies are very viable entities operating in Bermuda amassing over $5 million worth of business annually.

We provide service in small scale residential to large executive houses, commercial construction, and recently, marine construction.

A glance of our life

What we offer

Sunrise Construction Limited currently has a fleet of equipment including boom trucks, dump trucks and small support vehicles, tele-handlers, excavators, bob cats, and a full range of construction equipment to undertake construction projects of any size or technicality as a general contractor.

How we work

Over the years, Sunrise Construction has worked with many of the island’s largest contractors including D&J Construction, BCM McAlpine, Somer’s Construction, Landmark Construction, and Crisson’s Construction on major commercial and marine developments. 

Meet the head team

our super heroes

Mr. Gladstone Headlam Sr.
Managing Director

Mr. Gladstone Headlam is a naturalized Bermudian citizen. He was trained as a Machine Operator, Mason and Tile Setter before entering into the construction business. Prior to forming Sunrise Construction, Mr. Headlam was the sole proprietor of H&H Construction for over 30 years. 

Mr. Bernard Kunst
General Manager

Mr. Bernard Kunst is a Canadian citizen. He has extensive training in Construction Management and has worked in countries such as Canada, Russia and Germany as a Contract Manager. Mr. Kunst has been living in Bermuda for the past 14 years. He has more than 35 years experience working in the construction industry. 

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