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Meet the Team

Mr. Gladstone Headlam
Managing Director of Sunrise Construction Ltd and Starlight Construction Ltd

Mr. Headlam has over 50 years experience in the construction industry. Under his direction, both companies have continued to experience growth which sees annual turnover for the year 2013 to be in the region of $25mil. Mr. Headlam provides strategic direction on the operations of both companies and maintains an hands on approach in seeking new opportunities for maintaining the companies growth trajectory.

Our Crew

skilled, responsible, energetic

Mr. Bernard Kunst
General Manager-Sunrise Construction Ltd

Mr. Kunst has been working in the construction industry for over 35 years. He has worked in numerous countries such as Canada, Russia and Germany before moving to Bermuda. Mr. Kunst currently holds the office of General Manager of Sunrise Construction for the past 5 years. Mr. Kunst was instrumental in negotiating Sunrise Construction Ltd largest contract to date of some $23mil for the Heritage Wharf project in 2013. Under Mr. Kunst direction, Sunrise Construction has experienced growth moving from an annual turnover of just under $2mil in 2008 to an average of $5mil in 2013. Mr. Kunst is responsible for strategic planning and policy direction of Sunrise Construction along with overseeing the day to day activity of the company’s operations.

Mr. Selim Yavuz
General Manager-Starlight Construction Ltd

Mr. Yavuz is a native of Turkey and currently a citizen of Canada. He has direct managerial responsibility for the day to day activities of Starlight Construction Ltd. Mr. Yavuz is a certified DuRock EIFSĀ installer and oversees all the company’s DuRock EIFS installation. He has spearheaded the island’s largest EIFS project being done by Starlight Construction to date in that of the KEMH Redevelopment project. Mr. Yavuz has extensive knowledge of construction having worked at different levels of the industry for over 20 years.

Mr. Orville Campbell
Project Manager

Mr. Campbell joined the team at Sunrise Construction in December 2013 having worked as a project manager in Bermuda for over 8 years. He was trained in construction management and business administration. He oversees the execution and management of projects under both Sunrise Construction and Starlight Construction respectively. Over the years, Mr. Campbell has oversaw both residential and commercial developments and has extensive experience working on high-end executive homes and commercial warehouses. He has direct responsibility for the day to day interface with project stakeholders along with overseeing procurement, quality control, and product delivery to the client and end users.

Ms. Lidia Chitu
Design Engineer

Ms. Chitu joined the team at Sunrise Construction in 2011 as our design engineer. She provides designs and structural guidance on project execution. Ms. Chitu has direct responsibility for ensuring design methodology are carried out in project execution and provides alternative where designs specifications and buildability are in conflict.

Ms. Linda Harris
Office Manager

Ms. Harris as office manager oversees the day to day activities of the companies from an internal end. She joined the team in 2012 and has direct responsibility for overseeing staff recruitment, staff welfare, payroll management and other administrative duties.

Mr. Patrick Bean
Site Superintendent

Mr. Bean has worked extensively as a construction superintendent in Bermuda. He has over 35 years of experience in the industry throughout many different levels. Mr. Bean joined the team at Sunrise Construction in 2012 and has oversaw the onsite construction process of our largest projects since taking up employment with us. Mr. Bean is has a hands on approach in carrying out projects execution which drives the on site team to deliver on commitments and quality at all times during the process.

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